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Natural Products

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Herbal Supplement

Customized herbal supplements according to the constitution and symptoms of each patient.

Consultation is required, as ingredients and effects vary.

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It makes you feel energized, and makes your blood circulate well.

It is the best supplement to help prevent diseases and to improve physical strength by strengthening the liver function, which is responsible for body detoxification.

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This is an oriental supplement multi ointment.  It helps alleviate various skin diseases such as itching, heat rashes, atopic dermatitis, insect bites, various dermatitis, wounds, light burns, etc.

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보약 & 치료한약

환자 개개인마다의 체질과 증상에 따른 맞춤형 한약입니다.
성분과 효과가 다양하기 때문에 한약전문이와의 상담을 필요로합니다.



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원기를 돋고 혈을 원활하게 하며, 몸의 해독을 주관하는 간기능을 강화하여 질병을 예방하고 체력을 증진해주는 최고의 명약 입니다.

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이것은 한방 멀티 연고입니다.  가려움증, 땀띠, 아토피 피부염, 벌레 물림, 각종 피부염, 상처, 가벼운 화상 등 각종 피부질환을 완화하는 데 도움을 줍니다.


저희 마음한의원에서 제공되는 서비스 (뜸, 건부항, TENS, 족욕, 테이핑요법, 이침, 지압)등은 한의사의 필요에따라 적어도 1가지이상 매회 침치료와 함께 제공이 되며, 추가비용은 필요로 하지 않습니다.

* 불부항, 괄사마사지, 부항마사지, 미용침, 치료한약, 기타 자연상품은 제외입니다


Welcome to our clinic

Healing Soul Clinic front desk
Healing Soul Clinic waiting room area
Healing Soul Clinic treatment room
Healing Soul Clinic treatment room hallway
Healing Soul Clinic foot bath area
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Majesty Palm Tree Plant

If you want to make an appointment or have an inquiry on the days our clinic is closed (Monday and Thursday), please leave us a text or message, or you can always contact us through our website, and we will reply as soon as possible.    Thank you.

We are in-network with insurance companies, and also accept out-of-network. Please give us a call to verify coverage. We also accept out-of-pocket cash payments. For more inquiries, please give us a call or send us an email.

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how we do Facial Acupuncture

                1. Prep the skin before treatment

               2. Receive acupuncture

               3. LED light therapy with acupuncture

               4. Remove the needles after 15-20min 

               5. Calm the skin with cooling tool

               6. Cavi-lipo RF therapy

                7. Guasha Therapy & Relaxing Facial massage

               8. Applying Vitamin C and other serums on face

               9. Neck and shoulder massage with massage oil

            10. Finish with a relaxing ending


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